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Gain access to accurate, comprehensive, and relevant data to gain visibility and make strategic decisions in real time

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Automate tedious reporting processes to deliver information on time and empower your team to focus on higher impact work

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Drive investment results by identifying outliers and taking action based on your performance insights

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Cross-platform data consolidation

Automatically connect your data from disparate systems to access the right information at the right time

Central system of record

Minimize the frustration of constantly searching for siloed information and gain a holistic view into your portfolio’s performance

Data standardization

Ensure consistency and accuracy between your systems to create reliable and normalized data sets


Automate Workflows and Processes

Streamline your recurring performance reporting processes to deliver on time without human errors

Variance reporting

Standardize your budget variance reports to consolidate detailed information from diverse assets across with complex operations

Collaboration tools

Strategically plan and align key stakeholders to drive towards your organization’s performance objectives


Performance Insights

Gain unique and holistic perspectives into the performance of your assets, teams, and operations to measure their success

Opportunity identification

Determine tactical improvements to implement in your portfolio based on customizable business rules and your team’s strategic analysis

Automated alerts and notifications

Respond to potential issues as they arise in real time and seamlessly coordinate with your team to reach a timely resolution

Waypoint provides us with exceptional ability to monitor the performance of all assets in our portfolio. Having a centralized tool that aggregates insightful property data has made it easy for our entire team to drive value more proactively.

Linda Bolan

Senior Vice President, National Property Management and Sustainability
Columbia Property Trust



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