Our Story

We created this company because we saw inefficiencies in the way buildings were managed—particularly in the tools used by those responsible for the financial health of those buildings.  We love real estate and knew we could help CRE professionals save time while dramatically improving the value of their assets.


Waypoint is a San Francisco-based CRE technology company. Our mission is to provide a simplified way for asset and property managers to improve operating efficiencies across a portfolio, enhance asset value and deliver greater returns for owners and investors.


Towards that end we have an extraordinary team of software developers, data scientists, and real estate experts that built a technology solution unparalleled in its ability to deliver insights and market comparisons  that help optimize asset performance.


We are delivering solutions to many of the largest real estate firms, utilities, and government agencies in North America. The Waypoint platform provides real time performance analytics derived from the most trusted data sources and everyday workflow tools that enable more efficient investment and operational decisions.